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Drive Calculator is a tool for DC motor analysis and the computation of the complete power
system for electrically powered model aircraft. The Drive Calculator database contains tables
for batteries, ESCs, gear boxes, motors, propellers, and stators.

Drive Calculator 3.4 in English

Learn more about Drive Calculator:
Drive Calculator 3.4 Readme (opens in web browser)
Drive Calculator 3.4 Manual (opens in web browser)

Drive Calculator 3.4 for Mac OS X (Zipped Archive, 7 MByte)
Drive Calculator 3.4 for Windows (Zipped Archive, 5 MByte)
Drive Calculator 3.4 for Linux (experimental) (Zipped Archive, 4 MByte)
Drive Calculator database (including all updates until 2020-09-05)

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Weitere Informationen über Drive Calculator:
Drive Calculator 3.4 Liesmich (im Web Browser zu lesen)
Anleitung zu Drive Calculator 3.4 (im Web Browser zu lesen)

Drive Calculator 3.4 für Mac OS X (Zip-Archiv, 7 MByte)
Drive Calculator 3.4 für Windows (Zip-Archiv, 5 MByte)
Drive Calculator 3.4 für Linux (experimentell) (Zip-Archiv, 4 MByte)
Drive Calculator Datenbank (inklusive Updates bis 05.09.2020)

The Excel based Drive Calculator 2.21 is still available
from Gerd Giese's website elektromodellflug.de

Propeller Calculator Icon  Propeller Calculator

PropCalc computes the performance data of propellers with a given geometry, notably
in-flight thrust and power drain across the utilizable airspeed range. Download.

Drive Calculator and Propeller Calculator are Freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes
or copied and passed on for profit.

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