Multiplex radio with Assan or Jeti 2.4ghz module

MPX SX with Assan

The Assan as well as the Jeti Duplex systems offer an easy way to go 2.4ghz with a Multiplex radio. While the Jeti Duplex system is full range, I am using the 2007 Assan module for parkflyers and indoor models only. I have not checked the 2nd series of Assan products.

Assan module Jeti Duplex module

You may use the Assan tx module for Futaba radios or the Jeti Duplex TF module as it is. There is no need for electronic parts. The most demanding task for me was finding an extra long connector suitable for the modules.

Assan adapter Assan adapter

Assan adapter MPX buddy connector

Besides the extra long connector you need a standard 5-pole plug and cable for the radio's buddy connector. Pin 2 carries the supply voltage (switched). Pins 3 and 5 must be bridged and connected to ground. Pin 4 has the ppm signal. The drawing shows the pin locations at the solder side of the plug.

Assan module